Disposable Medical Shoe Covers (Pair)

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Healthcare services, government agencies, and essential services are given first priority.


Unit price includes one pair (two shoe covers) and shipping

CE Certified (available upon request)

Material: Polyethylene

Color: Blue”



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5 reviews for Disposable Medical Shoe Covers (Pair)

  1. Dana C.

    I used them to tour a resort property I am buying and was going in and out of many cabins. The cover fit well and were durable. I even ripped one a little and it still covered my shoes just fine. They came on and off without issue. I definitely would recommend these shoe covers to anyone who need some AMAZING shoe covers.

  2. Lucas J.

    I use mine to cover my mucky walking boots to keep the car clean. They are effective in keeping the mud off the mats both in the car and the house (I keep forgetting to take them off ) and they are only water resistant – as stated – not waterproof. Generous in size and quantity.

  3. Aleksandr. P.

    They cover the shoes as one would expect, non slip is a plus and they stay on and don’t slip off. Overall very happy with this purchase.

  4. Michael W.

    These are prefect for what I need them for!!

  5. Dylan D.

    Just got them and have only used a few and the product is ok.

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